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How we can help

The services we offer include repair of burst pipes, flood clearance, CCTV drain camera surveys, high pressure drain jetting, de-scaling drains, degreasing drains, de-rooting subsoil drains, unblocking drains, unblocking stack pipes, unblocking blocked toilets, unblocking sinks, degreasing kitchen wastepipes, unblocking blocked baths, unblocking showers, unblocking gullies, unblocking gutter pipes, cleaning gutters, sewage clearance, and drainage sterilisation.

If you have a blocked pipe or toilet, burst pipe, leaky tap, overflowing gutter or blocked drain in London.

A blockage can occur at any time, usually the least convenient! Sometimes it can be removed by rods or plunging. A more difficult blockage could need high pressure water jetting or the use of an electrically driven spiral cable with specially designed heads. Rest assured that our skilled engineers will have the correct equipment on board and have often cleared blockages where other companies have failed.


Dealing with blocked drains situations can be extremely stressful times.

However, since these pipes and drains are tucked away out of sight, most of us tend to forget all about them.
The only time we take any notice of them is when blocked drains cause a backup of water or sewage that have the potential to cause damage to our property or disrupt our daily lives. Every property owner should understand what causes a blocked drain and what they can do to prevent this problem from occurring as what to do if the drains blocked.

Drainage and Blockages


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