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Free electricity from solar power









Solar hot water systems in the home can produce 50%-60% of your total hot water requirements

By using the unlimited solar resource that the sun provides us installing a solar hot water system in your house could reduce your annual bills by 10% or more.


Heating hot water makes up around 15%-20% of a households bills. This could be more if water is heated using electricity. Using solar hot water alongside different fuels will make a big difference to the financial savings and also the carbon saving.


Solar thermal technology is also one of the most effective ways of reducing carbon emissions, By installing a Caplor Energy solar hot water system you will not only be creating a clean, efficient home but helping in the fight against climate change.


Swimming Pools

If you are fortunate enough to have a swimming pool then solar thermal is a fantastic way of heating your pool and reducing the running cost at the same time. A large solar thermal array can easily provide more than 70% of the pool’s heating requirement and can also be connected to provide domestic hot water at the same time. A double solar win!


Solar panel installations

MCS Solar Installers

MCS accreditation is the benchmark for competent and customer orientated solar installers. You will require a full on-site inspection of your home for a quotation, simply because solar panels are not a one size fits all technology.

Protect against future energy price increases by generating your own energy you can future-proof yourself against rising electricity bills. As prices continue to increase, your savings will be greater.


Getting Started

The first step in every relationship is our free solar consultation, from there we personalise our service to deliver exactly what you need from planning, system design and financing to installation and ongoing system monitoring and maintenance.


Our solar thermal systems are designed in house specifically to each customers requirement, whether a large family in a house with multiple bedrooms or a couple in a small bungalow. The amount of money and CO2 that you save will be dependent upon your consumption, the fossil fuel type that you are replacing, and the energy efficiencies of both your building and boiler.


There are huge benefits in using solar hot water.

  • Reduce your fossil fuel consumption and hence CO2 emissions
  • Save money on fuel that you would have otherwise needed to purchase
  • Enhance the life of your boiler by reducing the amount of switch-on / offs
  • Low maintenance technology
  • Integrates with existing heating or other renewable sources
  • Solar Thermal is backed by Government incentives to reward consumers who invest in green technology
  • Low cost and simple way for you or your company to contribute towards tackling climate change

How it works

The solar energy collected can be used to heat hot water for domestic baths, showers and kitchen use as well as for swimming pools. The parts have long service lives and are pretty much maintenance free.


In commercial environments solar thermal can be used for processes such as high temperature disinfection as in Dairy parlours or for providing utilities for employees, ie showers and washing facilities.


Solar panels use free heat from the sun to heat a fluid (a mixture of water and antifreeze) .The fluid once hot usually travels to a coil  in a hot water cylinder and transfers the heat to the water there. This heat is stored in the hot water cylinder ready to use. Where a large storage volume of water, such as a swimming pool or large accumulator, is used the heat is exchanged though a dedicated heat exchanger.

A conventional boiler or immersion heater is then used to make the water hotter, or to provide hot water when solar energy is unavailable. The technology is proven, reliable and low maintenance.


Where a combi boiler or continuous flow heater is in use the heated water in the cylinder will provide preheated water to the heater which will then only need to heat the water a little, if at all.


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